10 Application of Satan to God Almighty after Banish from heaven

When Satan was expelled from heaven, Satan asks for 10 things to God Almighty as compensation for releasing him from the paradise of God. It described the devil himself when one time he came on the orders of God to the Prophet Muhammad, who was giving the discourse to his companions at home. This is the dialog between the Prophet with Satan recorded in the history of Islam.
10 Application of Satan to God Almighty after Banish from heaven
Satan says;
1. I ask that God let me share in the treasure and the son of man, God permits.
God says "Share with humans in wealth and children. And promised them.  It is not a promise the devil unless hoax. " (QS Al-Isra: 64)
Property that is not used according to Islamic jurisprudence, I eat it. I'm also eating of unclean foods (obtained from the ways against the religion of God, such as usury, consuming the property of orphans, treasure, treasure gambling corruption, etc.). I also eat from food that is not eaten without mentioning the name of Allah before.
2. I ask that God let me join together with associated intimate with his wife without shelter with God. That time my kids (the devil) joined together (making love) with them and the children born by his wife later, be very submissive to me and my children.
3. I ask that be joined along with the man who climbed the vehicle not for purposes that are lawful, such as going to the immoral places.
4. I ask that God makes the bathroom (and toilet) as my house.
5. I ask that God made the market mall as a mosque.
6. I ask that God makes the verse-verse (music that caused a man of God) as Alqur'anku.
7. I ask that God made the drunkard as a friend to swim.
8. I ask that God give me a brother, then he let everyone who spends his wealth to immoral as my brother.
Almighty God said, "those wastes are brothers and sisters of Satan." (QS Al-Isra: 27).
9. O Muhammad, I ask that God made me able to see humans as they could not see me.
10. I ask that God gave me the ability to move in the human blood stream.
Satan continues his request "o, Muhammad, I cannot mislead people at all. I can only whisper and flirt. If I could be misleading, will not be left out although nobody on this planet for a believer to God Almighty. As yourself. Could not give guidance at all. Thou was simply the Messenger who delivered a mandate. If you could provide guidance (instructions of the faith), there would be no need for the House of Heathens in the face of this earth. I can only be a cause for people who have defined her life miserable. Happy people are those who have written happy since in the stomach of his mother. People are miserable are the ones that have been written since the miserable in her mother's womb. "
The Prophet then read verse "they will continue to be at loggerheads unless people blessed by Allah" (QS Hud: 118 – 119) and "definitely God provision applies" (QS Al-Ahzab: 38)
In closing, the devil said, "O Messenger of Allah, Muhammad's fate has been determined and pen the destiny has dried. Holy of Holies God making you the leader of the prophets and messengers, the leader of the lucky creatures, the leader of the inhabitants of paradise. Holy of Holies God makes me leader of the creatures the losers, and leader of the people of hell. I am the person who is the wretched and in exile. I want to convey this to you and I'm not lying to you current  ".

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