10 World’s Most Famous Angel


Angels are often depicted as supernatural beings or spirits winged humanoid, appeared in various religions and mythologies. The angels knew world — was very much started from ordinary angels (angel) to the most important Angel (Archangel). The following 10 Angels most famous in the world.

You probably already know that the word's "el's" at the Angel symbolizing God. But do you know if there's a more feminine version, known as the Archeia? An example is the Archangel Michael can be referred to as Mikaela, Uriel with Aurora and so on.

10. Sandalphon- "he was wearing Slippers "

Sandalphon angel

Maybe you will feel the meaning of the name Sandalphon is pretty unique, it is because there is no clear sense of what the true meaning of the name Sandalphon. Some say its name symbolizes   ","  "togetherness",   "brother's". But then the other conclusion appears also from the word Greece,  "he was wearing Slippers " from its name. The name symbolizing   "relationship" or " " may mention the relationship with his brother, that Metatron (one of the main Angel or archangel). Sandalphon is the task of bringing human Prayer to God, therefore he is portrayed as an angel who is very high, from Earth to heaven.

There are only 2 archangel whose name does not end with  "el ", i.e. Sandalphon and his twin brother Metatron which is also the main Angel (archangel). Both twins is known is the only Archangel who at first is human. Where Sandalphon was Elijah (astrologer at the time Israel) and Metatron is Enoch (the descendants of Adam, great-grandfather of Noah, a wise man). Because of his actions in the world, the Lord allowed them to continue their work in heaven. At the time of her going to heaven, he was taken by train volcano with 2 horses of fire accompanied by strong winds.

9. Raziel- "secrets of God "

Raziel angel
As the name suggests, Raziel is the angel that symbolizes the mystery and secrecy. There is a legend which says that Raziel was once concocted a book containing the knowledge of Heavenly and Earthly. When Raziel tries to give this book to Adam, there was another angel who envy and steal the book, then throw it into the sea.

Uniquely, this book was later discovered by Rahab (the women of Jericho, which help Israel gained control of the cities), later demoted to Enoch (the descendants of Adam, great-grandfather of Noah), became the possession of Noah (who learned how to make the Ark), and ends at the Solomon (allow it to overwhelm the demons). If viewed from the inheritance structure of the book of Raziel, are all great people. Some say that Raziel still stands in Mount Horeb (Mount where God's Word is given 10) holds all the secrets of the unknown of mankind.

8. Zadkiel/Tzadkiel (Amethystia)- "the righteousness of God "

Tzadkiel angel

Is the main Angel (archangel) which symbolizes freedom, benevolence, forgiveness and a guardian angel for the Forgiving. Just as the Kamael (number 7), it has many names, i.e., Sachiel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadkiel, Zedekul and Hesediel. He believed the world as Angel of forgiveness. One of the most visible roles of Zadkiel is the moment he holds the hand of Abraham, Abraham's time would like to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Perhaps for this reason he is often depicted together with a knife.

Zadkiel is the Archangel which was under the leadership of Michael as head of the main Angel when entering the war and often associated with the color violet.

7. Khamael/Chamuel/Camael (Seraphina)- "He who seeks God "

Khamael angel

There are 2 causes why this Angel is one of the world's most famous Angel. This is because his name frequently in the wrong interprets with  "Samael " (number 6) and both reasons was because he has many names such as Chamuel, Camael, Seraphiel, Jahoel or Shemue. He is an archangel or Chief Angel symbolize true love, career, and life goals of peace, but because his name is often equated with Samael, he is most often defined as the Angel of death though it is wrong.

Unfortunately, his name is not recognized by the Catholic Church since Vatican Decree prohibiting names commemoration of fallen angels do not appear in the Bible. However, the name is still known in the world of Camael and he is believed to be the force that expelled Adam from the garden of Eden.

6. Samael- "the King of Evil."

Samael angel

According to the mythology that spread in Ancient Palestine, Samael is the angelic figure depicted as evil but also well. This is because it is the angels who worked under God, but have a role as the Angel of death. One of the causes why the name was entered into the list of the most famous of these was because he trusted is another name of Lucifer, however there are other beliefs that he is a different form of Lucifer. He is believed to be the ruler of the 5th level of Heaven and live in the 7th level of Heaven.

There is an interesting story in the ancient Palestine, which says that Adam had a wife named Lilith, due to quarrels with Adam, he was expelled from the garden of Eden. Lilith then became the wife of Samael and giving birth to Satan's forces.

5. Uriel (Aurora) - "the Lord is my Light."

Uriel angel
It is the angels who are known as keepers of the Sun over Hades, ruler, and he is best known for the Angel of Rescue. Resembles Michael, he is portrayed as an Angel holding a flaming sword, just pictured along with Eden. This is because Uriel is believed to be the spirit that stands at the gates of the garden of Eden with the sword of fire.

According to the belief of some roles, Uriel is the moment he preached Noah about the flood to come, bring a knowledge of chemistry to the world, and give the Kabbalah (Hebrew mystical tradition) to mankind.

4. Raphael (Mareia)- "God Heal you"

Raphael angel
Raphael is the Angel of the most captivating and therefore he often seen in pictures of the flow of the West. He is an archangel or Chief Angel on duty to fix the Earth, give instructions for the castaways, the protector of the young. In literature, he was touted as the angel who never ate together with Adam and Eve in Eden.

In Islam, Raphael has a name "Israfel  "/  "Israfel" is believed responsible for informing about the news of the day of resurrection with blowing a trumpet blast, which is as much as 3 times. The first signal the end of the last day, the second is signal death to all living beings including angels, demons and humans. The third was a hoot at the time all souls gathered for judgment day. Until now her breathing still restrains Raphael to blow the trumpet when God ordered him to.

3. Gabriel (Annunciata)- "the Lord is my strength."

Gabriel angel
In Jewish legend, Gabriel is said to be the angel who is splitting the Red Sea so that the House can be escaped from the Hebrew army of Pharaoh. In Islam, he is believed to be the angel who takes the Koran to Muhammad. Often described as a human figure with long hair and colorful wings and holding a stick or lily flower. Gabriel is the only angels are often depicted in the shape of women in art and literature.

He is one of the three angels, who is trusted by the Lord to set the order and other things among the Angels. 2 other Angels were Lucifer and Michael. He was the angel who has brought many souls to meet with God, because it is part of their job.

2. Lucifer- "Light Bearer "

Lucifer angel
Some of you may be confused as to why the name Lucifer is inserted into the list of angels. This is because Lucifer in the beginning is one of the foremost Angel, even closer to God. Lord Lucifer, form in such a way that it is said to be the most beautiful among the other angels. Unfortunately, this thus makes Lucifer too proud (pride) to be himself and want to master all of it by making the other Angels sinned. In the end, he and the other Heaven Angel 1/3 was defeated by the Archangel Michael. Although he is a fallen angel, but his name is still very often heard in different parts of the world.

Many say that once he was expelled from Paradise, the name was changed to Satan. At the time he was in heaven, he holds the sin of pride (pride) of the 7 deadly sins (7 deadly sins), so he was expelled and changed his name to Satan, he is very angry and is holding other sins of anger (rage). The name Lucifer himself has a meaning  "bearer of Light."

1. Michael (Mikaela)- "Resembled "

Michael angel
How often have you heard the name Michael? The name Michael is the name of the Angel is best known in the world. He was the main archangels or the Angel touted as the angel who drives out Lucifer and 1/3 other Angels from heaven, when Lucifer started his sin. Also known as the first Angel created, although it is not true (see at the bottom). One of the causes why his name is best known because he appeared in three religions, namely Christian, Islam and Catholicism.

He is trusted by the Lord protector with strength, courage, strength, honesty and integrity. He is also often described as the angel who brought a flaming sword to fight an evil sentient beings including Satan. In Hebrew, Michael has a meaning  "resembled " and believed to be the angel who teaches Adam about family and farming.


There's have question who is the angel who first created by God? Lucifer or Michael? This can't be said clearly, because God created all angels simultaneously. You can see it in the book of Psalm 148:5.

Another question to question who is the angel who first fall into sin (fallen angel)? Angels fall to the first sin is Belial. He also was the one that was seductively Lucifer to rebel against God, this is because Belial venerates Lucifer exceeds the Lord.

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