Devil’s Name When He was An Angel – Devil’s Golden Age!


A question while still a teenager,  "Devil's Name When He was An Angel? Who is actually the devil is it? Who is Satan, Jinn and Angels? How the actual proportion of mankind, Jinn, Satan, demons, and Angels? Ordered prostrate to Adam was the angels, then why the devil was convicted of disobedience? If indeed Satan is also included which ruled, meaning Satan was once an Angel!? At first the Lord indeed have determined that new Creature named Adam would become Caliph on Earth, then it wasn't his Adam in exile from heaven, already a script? Why ruled shelter from the devil, and not from the devil? "

devil's name when he was an angel

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Description about the figure of Satan or Azazel is widely transmitted by Ibn Abbas RA, cited by some interpreters of the Qur'an. More easily searchable on the software, simply search by keyword ' azâzîl (عَزازِيلُ) then it will refer to the books that are available.

Some of these books, there is an explanation in it about the figure of ' Azazel:

• Tafsîr Al-Qurthubiy 1:294-295,
• Tafsîr Ath-Thabariy, 1:502-503, 18:39,
• Tafsîr Al-Baghâwiy, 1:81,
• Tafsîr Ibn Abî Hâtim, 1:93, 5:477,
• Tafsîr Al-Bahr Al-Muhîth, 1:191,
• Tafsîr Al-Khâzin 1:29,
• Al-Tafsîr Ibn ' Âdil li Lubâb, 1:40,
• Tafsîr Ats-Tsa'alabiy, 1:21,
• Tafsîr Haqqiy, 1:108, 7:380, 12:209,
• Tafsîr Al-Alûsiy 1:272,
• Bahr Al-' Ulûm Al-Samarqandiy li, 1:35.40,
• Al-Lubâb fî ' Ulûm Al-Kitâb 1:229,232,
• Fath Al-Qadîr li Syaukaniy 1:73,
• Al-Itqân fî ' Ulûm Al-Qur'ân 4:82-83,
• Al-Syu'ab Al-Baihaqiy li Îmân 1:158,
• Fath Al-Bâriy 6:339,
• Al-Bidâyah wa An-Nihâyah 1:59,62,80,
• Or in the dictionaries and Mu'jam books such as Al-Shahâh fî al-Lughah, Lisân al-' Arab al-' Tâj Arûs on the root of the word Chapter "-Lâm Sîn-Bâ".

The following story is a resume of some of the searches about the figure of Satan from the books and from various other sources.


Before Adam there, heaven and Earth have been created much earlier. Of the various disagreements, most of the old Adam's early life was 6000 years BCE, it means that Adam was created 6000 plus a.d. When we read this book. For example, it is now the year 2008, meaning roughly 8008 Adam was created years ago. While the Earth has been around for millions of years before Adam was created.

Before Adam was created, the Earth was inhabited by one of the tribes of Al-Jinn, that is one of the most glorious Angels '. From Wahab Ibn Munabbih: Lord of hosts, creating the Samûm fire. From the fire Sammum this he created the Jinn. Samûm is a very hot wind Burns, or a fire that no smoke. When God wants something, then burned one hijab, with fire that burns a hijab is these tribes of Jinn were created.

Called ' Al-Jinn because this region into the corpus of the treasures of Heaven (Khuzzan al-Jannah), for that is called Al-Jannah (the garden or Paradise). The word "jinn" and "Janna" has the same root word. And a miniature heaven the most qualified of the umpteenth planet in the universe is the Earth. Then God gave them the Earth to stay in that place, and they live and worship there in a long time.

That he named Jann, the ancestor of the Jin nation that inhabited the Earth. The large number of worship that he is working on making the angels feeling wowed, and said to the Lord of heaven and Earth, "o, our Lord, take them to the heavens, so that we may learn from them and follow their good example".

Then God raised and educates Jann to become one among the angels and he lived with them in the sky first, then Jann called by the nickname is new, that Azazel. While the House of Jin others — who still lived on Earth — most living in truth, while some others became sinners and breaking the law.

The Earth began to complain about them to the Lord, "oh my Lord, did you create me to inhabit by residents of sin?"

The Lord replied, "o Earth, be patient, I will send you the prophets among them, to lead them back to the right path".

Until that time there was no Prophet appeared among the Jinn that. Then the Lord sent prophets to them 800 and each of them murdered. In the end the Lord says to Azazel in the sky first. The Lord said to him, "go, Azazel! Go against them and those who are not believers of your thousands living on the Earth ".

Azazel dutifully, down to Earth, and combating the House (jinn) who could not believe that he conquered them, then the Lord bring down fire from the sky that devour their exhausted, left and can save themselves into the middle of the ocean. Only Jinn who believe and worship that were spared.

Azazel worship very seriously until he was appointed to the first heaven, or, according to one history, he has a lot of first serve in the sky until he was appointed to the rest of the seven layers of the heavens and over it.


From Hasan Al-Basri, "Azazel worship seven celestial layer for more than 70,000 years, until he was appointed to the Maqam Ridwan — is the maqam is very high, where the Ridwan became keeper of heaven. Azazel became keeper of Heaven until thousands of years. A third month he read an inscription on one of heaven's Gate, written there:

"There will be one servant among the servants of the mighty Lord's lover, in the long periods he would obey and slaughtered to God very well. There will come a day, eventually he will fight and defy his Lord, and he will be expelled from his door and in an anathema ".

Azazel read and marvel at this forecast. "How can it happen? That's one of the closest to God's servants will be disobedient to the Lord of hosts, and driven out of the immediacy and purity? "He defended," oh God, give me permission to condemn opponents of it, whoever he is. "

The god gave him permission, and Azazel curse the sinner (which has been foreseen) that within the next thousand years, without he knew that it was a curse to himself. Azazel forgets himself, is also a servant of God and do not realize that the word "slave" written in the writing on the door of heaven that can happen to anyone, including himself.

During this time the angel who becomes Azazel known inhabitants of Heaven because prayers are always answered by God, even the angels never asked him to pray so that they are not overwritten, anathema to God.

That's a time when wandering around in heaven, the Angel Israfel also see and read the script read by Azazel. It inevitably makes Israfel cry. He feared, it was foretold servant himself. Several other Angels also cried and had the same fears as Israfel, after hearing about the writing on the door of heaven were of Israfel. They then agreed to go to Azazel and ask for pray so as not to suffer an anathema from God. After hearing the explanation of Israfel angels and others, Azazel then say a prayer. "O God. Thou shalt not wrath upon them ".

With a reputation for devotion, Azazel is getting free travelling to all parts of the sky layer. There is no area of the sky that are not yet familiar. The whole Angel in awe of him. Azazel is known as Angel maqbul prayer.

Outside the efficacious prayers, Azazel, also known as the King of the angels, the Treasurer of heaven, the Angel of the most excellent in terms of ijtihad and most science, the brightest, the most glorious angel who has four pairs of wings .

"Praise be to God the creator of heaven and Earth, which makes the angels as messengers (to take care of a variety of affairs) that has wings, respectively (anyone) two, three and four... " (QS. Fâthir [35]: 1).

Be the Azazel as the leader of the Angel in the sky nearby (samâ ' ad-dunyâ), the horizon of the sky, we can see as well as Earth and its contents turned over its settings to Azazel. Because he is in charge of regulating the affairs that fall within the scope of the sky world, namely the macrocosm as well as Earth and other planets, the Sun, all the stars and galaxies to supercluster.

All layers of the heavens and the occupants dub Azazel as glorious though varying:

On the first layer of the sky, he nicknamed "Al-' Âbid, expert of worship that serve superb to God. In the second heaven, the nickname of Azazel is Ar-Râki ' or ar­raki ' ûn experts to God. As-Sâjid prostration or expert is the title in the third heaven. On the next sky, he dubbed Al-Khâsyi ' because it is always humble and surrender to God. Because of his obedience to God, the sky is the fifth call Azazel as Al-Qânit. The title Al-Mujtahid given to Azazel by the sixth heaven, because he meant it when worshipping God. On the seventh heaven, he was called Az-Zâhid, because it is simple to use means of living.

Over the past 120 years, Azazel, the contending Angels bore the honorary title and all the glory, which thus Azazel began to feel proud of his position. Arrogance began to intrude themselves Azazel. For the Lord is about to make the hidden arrogance within Azazel to be real by creating new creatures thus created from the soil on Earth who becomes Azazel territory.


It is a time when the angels do great deliberation at the invitation of God.

"And when your Lord said to the Angels:" Behold, I was about to create a Caliphate in the Earth ". The angels said: "why do You want to make (the Caliph) on earth that people who will make mischief therein and shed blood, but we always celebrate with praise and sanctify the Lord?" The Lord answered: "I know what you guys do not know". (QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 30).

This Angel of concern because it had previously happened bloodshed on Earth by the jinn.

And (remember) when your Lord said to the Angels: "Behold, I will create a man of the soil". (QS. Shâd [38]: 71)

In Bahr El ' Ulûm Al-Samarqandiy li 1:35, mentioned: Then God commanded the Angel Gabriel to take land on the Earth as a creation of Adam. But the Earth is said to Gabriel: "in the name of God who sent you, do not you do! Because I was afraid of this land will be created, being that much disobedience to God, and so I will be ashamed of him ".

So the argument that the Earth has long been friendly with Azazel, so very good at processing words. Earth reject the commandment of God with an oath in the name of God, a contradictory phrase which appears in passing tawadhu ' but agrees with the command.

But because Gabriel at the time were not trained to argue, then head back to Gabriel before God. With a sense of, feel free, Gabriel of God saying, "So it happens, yes Lord! But if ordered to descend again to Earth, the servant will go down. "

Then God sent Angels Izra'il, and as the sentence submission before executing the command, Izrail praising God with the words Baqiyatush Shalihah to five times:

Then God sent us angels as Izrail, and sentence compliance before sending commands, Izrail praising God with the words Baqiyatush Shalihah to five times:


"The Holy of Holies of God, praise be to God, there is no God but God, God is great, there is no power and strength (permission) except with God".

Then descend to the Earth and Izrail as well as Gabriel, Michael and Israfel, the Earth was bluffing with a great argument. However, Izrail replied to snapping the Earth says, "mâ amarallâh awlâ min qawlik (what God commanded more of the mouth)". Then Izrail collects soil that is red, yellow, black and white, and then brought back to God.

According to another version, which was then tasked to Izrail God to form the likeness of Adam. And because the land is managed to bring Izrail as would the body of Adam, Izrail which then was assigned to uproot the lives of the children of Adam and his descendants, until the life of Izrail himself.

We have verses (Adam), then we shall form, ... QS. Al-A'râf [7]: 11

"Then when I have to fine tune its occurrence (Adam), and I have breathed my spirit into it, then you must submit to him (Adam) with prostrate".

Then the angels prostrate everything together, except for the demon (Azazel), he did not include the join air-bowed, her disobedience and brag. (More information, see QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 30-39; Al-A'râf [7]: 11-25; Al-Hijr [15]: 26-31; Al-Isrâ ' [17]: 61-65; Al-Cave [18]: 50-51, Thâhâ [20]: 115-124; and Shâd [38]: 71-74).

Because Azazel disobeying God, then God does not necessarily name calling with Azazel again, but with her new name, Satan, for he has God's grace from despair. He became a figure that foreseen and in fact he blames for a thousand years.

"Hi devil, does that put you off bowed to that I have created with my hands. Do you brag or you (feel) including (more) high? " (QS. Shâd [38]: 75)


The name ' Azâzîl (عَزازِيلُ) is derived from the Hebrew ' azaz'el (עזאזל), which means "God has become a powerful" or "God strengthens" from the word ãzaz which means "being strong", and ' el means "God". (See: and name Azazel is recorded in the Old Testament book of Leviticus (Leviticus) article 16 paragraph 8, 10 and 26 — there have been more than 2000 years before the time of Islam. In the King James version of the Bible translated with "The Scape-goat" means "goat who was told to go", or in other words "goat transport sin". This is where the origin of the term "scapegoat". As well as the position of the devil or Satan always, we place as can-being black from the mistakes that we make on its own. He is patently an anathema we but we make friend secretly.

Azazel is the name enigmatik from the Hebrew texts and the apokripa, where the name Azazel himself sometimes confused with Rameel and Gadriel name. Or in another discussion aligned with Lucifer and he was Beelzebub.

The name Azazel is also often known by various spellings, such as: Azazel, Azaziel, Azazyel, Azael, Asael, Asiel Aziel or. Azazel also has a number of nicknames (chewable), such as: Abu Murrah, Abu Kurdûs, and Abû Karûbiyyîn. Then the word Azâzîl is known and used in Arabic, as the name Jibrâ'îl or Jibrîl (Gabriel), Mîkâ'il (Michael), Isrâfîl (Raphael), Izrâ'îl (Uriel), Ismâ'îl (Ismael), Isrâ'îl (Israel), all of which also are derived from Hebrew (Hebrew).

The Hebrew cognate with the Arabic language in the sphere of Semitic languages, so that the word ' or ' azza azzaza in Arabic also means "strong" or "mighty", and one of the names of Allaah is Al-' Azîz (the mighty). However, by Ibn Abbas and others, said Azâzîl in Arabic, synchronized with the word Al-Hârits (الحارث).

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