How to Summon an Angel And Demon – True Story


How to Summon Your Guardian Angel

How to Summon an Angel true story

This is a true story.

I read an article about guardian angels in the papers sometime in 1998. I found the story very interesting that is why I was able to commit this to memory.

The author is a girl studying in one of the exclusive schools. She was intrigued by the idea of a guardian angel. So while driving on her way to school she whispered a prayer asking God to manifest to her the guardian angel.

Upon arriving in school, she followed the required steps to enrol. To her surprise, none of her friends bothered to come near her and offered to help even though they bumped with each other at the hallway.

Later that day, after she finished with the enrolment process, she approached one of her friends and asked why they seemed to be avoiding her.

To her amazement, her friend replied "We don't want to bother you and your date."

"Date? What date are you talking about? I was alone the entire day!" She quickly retorted.

"You can't be serious! Then who's the good-looking chinito guy hovering near you the entire day?" her friend asked.

Not contented with her friend's explanation she called the rest of her friends to ask them the same question. And all seven of her friends said the same thing.

She was accompanied by a tall, good-looking guy the entire day!Thinking that he was her date, they did not bother to go near her. Even her classmates who saw her said the same thing.

The author surmised that the guy she was with, whom everybody saw except her, was probably her guardian angel. She prayed for the angel to manifest and God must have answered her prayers. And she excitedly shared her story to show that angels are indeed Real!

After reading her story, naturally I was curious about it. So I muttered a short prayer on my way to work asking God to manifest to me my guardian angel.  I think these are the words I mumbled that day:

"Lord, I humbly request that You manifest to me my guardian angel. I know You send someone to protect and look after me daily. I want to thank this person for his/her constant care. You have manifested the angel to this girl, if it is Your Will, please help me see mine. This I ask thru Christ our Lord. Amen."

As the day dragged on, my hopes gave way to disappointmenet as the day seemed to end with no angel in sight.

Then a few minutes before the office closed, my officemate walked in with this beautiful carved statue. She put it on top of my table and said that she was giving it to me as a gift.

Guess what it was?

It was an angel! A cherubim actually. She looked no more than 10 years old, very pretty, very sweet-looking creature.

I almost cried upon seeing the little statue.

When my excitement subsided, I inquired from my officemate why she thought of giving me (of all things!) an angel figurine?

She replied matter-of-factly, "Well, I passed by St. Paul's to buy a rosary on my way here. Then my eye caught sight of this beautiful angel. The first thing that came to my mind was you. So I decided to buy it and give it to you. It was just one of those spur-of-the-moment thing, an instinct. I guess."

I nodded. Then smiled widely and thanked her.

Deep in my heart I know it wasn't just an instinct. It was my angel calling out to her!




So I summoned a Demon, here is my story

Hey everyone,

I have had an experience that I feel some on here would appreciate. Its a bit wild, its life changing and the demon I summoned altered my life drastically.

First off a little pre story. I am on my 2nd path and it took me about 8 months to get from stream entry to EQ confirmed by my teacher. I have been in EQ for almost a year now. Basically stuck right at the tail end but could not get it to fucking pop. Explain why later.

During the last year I have studied and worked like crazy getting things to manifest in my life with some success. I have used various magical paths in doing this and amassed a decent library. One evening a month ago I was wondering what I would do with the next few days off and for some reason I knew that I was going to be doing some heavy magical works the next day. So the next day morning came and again strong feelings of this need to "get at it". I decided to call up an angel of god called Hariel to further my relationship. I have called upon this angel in the past with a 11 day daily ritual. This time instead of asking for help in a certain matter I was just going to ask to communicate directly with the angel during this new 11 day ritual.

I wanted to prove to myself that these beings were real outside of chance manifestations and this angel during my first ritual showed the strongest connection and response even though it was still weak and not outside the realm of my own mind playing tricks. When I initially asked Hariel for help I got a very excited response and a chime sound when I mentioned that the help was to save my son. So why not try it again? Ask for direct communication wether using the tarot or some other means.

I called to Hariels sigil and Hariel came immediately. Hariel was immediately felt and the spirits energy was remembered, light and uplifting. Hariel then proceeded with quick and effect communication using both intuition and the tarot spent the next 7 hours helping me select from my large library of magic:

Spells to use
Numerous angels to call
Sigils to use and charge
Laid out certain working with other spirits to unblock super deep seated emotional trama from my past that just would not come up for me to move on in my Vipassana practice.

It was a lot of work and there was no freaking doubt that a spirit was in my midst helping me do this. The connection was that strong and reading the tarot was as easy as texing a friend. After all this planning work had been done to change my life, Hariel started fortelling my future. It was interesting but after a few hours of talking with Hariel my future became more absurd to the point where I finally was like "what the fuck?" this can't be true. It was at this point that the energy of this spirit became absurdly stronger and heavy and at that moment (through the spirits intuition) I knew it was not Hariel but In fact a demon.

You see about 3 months prior to this I did a ritual to summon a demon to ask for help but nothing happened, absolutely nothing or so I thought. The second this spirit revealed its self to me as not Hariel I knew who it was and called out its name. "Yes" and the next card in the tarot was the 9 of cups. I had got my wish, the demon I summoned for help did show, laid out the work I needed to do and then suprised me by pretending to be the angel Hariel I had called upon. I have been working with this demon for about a month now and she (feminine energy if we are using pronouns) has been altering just about everything in my life to make my wish come true.

After that first night the demon left and the next few days it was revealed to me how this spirit has retroactively changed things in my life, changed my tarot readings to lead me to think and do certain things all to lead up to this day where she revealed her self.

--Now the works starts--

A side note for now thats important to the story later. A week before this spirit came to me I had met someone. This is important for many reasons. I have known of this person for a while but have never really spent time with her. One day however (lead unknowingly by my tarot possed by this spirit) I went to her place of work not really sure why. I have never thought of this woman in a romance type of way and infact I have not been able to feel anything for ANY woman for the last 8 years of my life due to some extreme emotional trauma. But this day was different. Being in her presence something started opening. Feelings started to come out of nowhere and at first I had no clue what they were or why they were there. After a few minutes it was clear what type of feelings these were except with so many people in this work space I had no clue who they were for until I scanned the room then it became very apparent that my feelings were for her.

I asked her out a couple weeks later. We went on 2 dates and it was clear there was a strong connection on both sides. Turns out, she is a very very spiritual person. On our first date she informed me that she was leaving the country for 2 months but will be back. Fuck.

I took her to the airport and went home. That night was the night before I called Hariel but instead the demon came.

This is the no so pretty part. In fact it sucks and I had one of the most horrifying experiences of my life and thats saying something given my history.

The next week I spent most of it with this demon. She changed my diet, critiqued how I observe my ego throughout the day. We called upon numerous angels to unblock emotional trama, unblock feelings of guilt related to money. She helped make and charge sigils. She added to my rituals in contacting the angels of god. Basically overhualed everything that was in my way to attaining what I wanted.

There was a huge obstacle in my way though and because she is a demon she isn't exaclty what you would call gentle.

One night she put me in a very very vulnerable place. She brought out my fears to the surface and then added on to them 10 fold. She made me think she was attacking me, cursing me, made me think I was going to loose everything, my son, my family, my life and this new women who I had just met and for the first time finally felt something for. She cut off access to spiritual leaders I knew, my phone wouldin't work and no one could be reached. It was bad, really really really bad. I was confused, I couldin't think straight, I was being cursed and the fears were out of this fucking world. This lasted the entire night and in the morning I needed help so I went to a local buddhist temple and woke up a preist at 5:00am. This I now know is exactly what this spirit wanted me to do. The priest was understanding and had reccommend that I go into the temple and recite the heart sutra a few times. I wasn't sure this was the cure to my current problem to this rogue demon who is attacking me and all of the sudden turned on me.

I talked for a bit to the priest and then started walking away to get some food. When I left the boundries the of temple grounds the demon was waiting for me and came on strong again. It wouldin't let me leave. I had my phone on me which I use to talk to the spirit using the tarot but I did not want to talk to it anymore. But I had to leave sooner or later and I needed to eat so after a while I started walking again off the temple grounds to get something to eat and again this spirit started haunting me until I was pissed enough to ask it what the fuck it wants from me. It would put so much heavy energy on me it was debilitating.

She wanted me to go back into the temple and recite the heart surtra many many times which is what the preist said I should do. So I did. As I recited the heart sutra this demon would "highlight" certain parts of it. It showed me why I had theses fears, where they came from and how they are sustained. This demon showed me the direct corralation between the 5 hindrances and fear in a way I have never seen before. It left me alone for a day to lick my wounds.

During this time I started getting texts from this woman I met saying she has started to have all these crazy spiritual experienes 6,000 miles away at the same time. She is a very visual woman and has seen her spirit guides as a kid and as a adult and her spirit guides were telling her that I was in her future. This was an odd conversation to have to someone you just met and had only 2 very PG dates with.

So with my emotional trauma at the surface now the demon would visit me with a "lets get to work" attitude. I would sit on my meditation spot and the demon would have me relive my trama memory by memory. There was a lot of them. I would have to bring up certain people at certain times in my life and once that shit came up she would have me move on to the next one. After intensive work the spirit would send me to a specific healer who would adjust my energy and help remove what the spirit couldin't. Then I would go back for a few more days with the demon and do it some more and then again it would send me back to the healer for more adjusting. As the days went by I felt a bit lighter at times and a bit happier.

Things started to open up and then I went through a really rough inner fire buring of karma phase. My body would go into spasms, I would feel like I was on fire. The spirit would wake me up during the night and tell me to take a shower because I was soaking the sheets in sweat like mad. I was detoxing and it was not fun. Fevers, flu symptoms etc.

One day me and this lady I met decided to skype because of all the wierd things that have been happening to both of us. The demon, me and this woman talked for hours. She said that the day I came into her work her chest strated burning (in a good way) and that she knew it was coming from me. If I posted the transcript of our coversations from our texts most here would not believe it.

So during our skype session the demon I have been working with was telling me things and her spirit guides had been telling her things. Both of us on the same page about what was now our future. Down to marriage, how many kids the job we would be practicing together. Demons saying this, her spirits more or less confirming it. Its as if our lives were compatible and my demon with her dead mother and spirit guides were syncing up our lives. Both of us were to become energy healers which was the reason for the emotional detox so I could finnaly complete my current path and be a clean enough vessel for this type of work. As is I was not ready to take on this job with all that shit in me and it turns out neither was she. She was also going throught the same fucking thing at the same time 6,000 miles away. The healer said this was not a coincidence.

She comes back in 2 weeks. We have had conversations about things couples don't talk about for months to years. Our lives our more or less fortold. This demon gave me what I asked for.

A way to save my son
A way to own a house in a insanely expensive market
A new career that suits me and supports me

I did not ask to meet or fall for a woman but as it turns out this was essential for the first three things to happen. And as it turns out this woman
has had visions years before we ever met of a man coming to her work place who had a son who was to be her lifepartner.

This is currently where I am at. Somethings have manifested some are coming soon.

I thought some would like to know more about this spirit. I am sorry that I cannon't name her as she on many occasions banned me from doing so but allowed me to write this post.

She is very interesting. During our work together she likes to play lots of jokes. She would move shit in my house and then ask if I thought it was funny. She would make me think certain things were going to happen then say "just kidding". For some reason this spirit really likes Corona and Salmon as offerings. At the end of the day she was very proud of the work she had so far accomplished and wanted me to know everything she did for me. I beleive I have about a week or two left with her before she is gone.

Speaking of jokes I was watching a show called Canivale one night when she was away. There was a part where a demon possess a man and at that very second she comes to me instantly and absurdly strong as if saying "surprise mother fucker!, just kidding". She really likes the jokes.

Anyways I will update this post if anyone is interested as things happen. For now I'm off to bed.



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