What Are Angels in The Bible and The Quran


The term "Angel" is already known by almost all religious people in the world, the term can be found in many verses in the Holy Scriptures. In the Scriptures of Buddhism Tsing Shi Yin Kuan, the bible of the old testament, the New Testament or Quran Holy Book. This time, we will get to know about the angels as it says in the two most holy books become a reference in the world; the Bible and the Quran.

What Are Angels

Believe In Angels

Paul Claudel, a French Catholic poet wrote:  "deny the existence of the angels means unplugging every two pages from the Bible and also the means to destroy all prayer book! " This statement is based on the fact that more than 700 times the word The Angel mentioned in the Bible. Even the presence of the Angel has been defined as dogma (doctrine should you believe) by the Lateran Council IV (1215) and the Council of Vatikanum I (1889-1890) and the Council of Nicaea (787) and the Council of Trent (1545-1563).

In Islam, Allah ta'ala has preached to man the existence of angels. Even God made to the Angel of faith as one of the tenets of the faith. It was here that becomes important for every Muslim to know the angels. By knowing them, we will better know the greatness of God who has angelic soldiers. By knowing the Angel, we will feel the compassion of
God who protects us by sending the angels to keep us, noting our charity, whisper to us to do well and so on. Also by knowing the Angel, we will love them, as a servant of God who was always obedient to God.

Angel Definition: Etymology

The word angel in English is a blend of Old English engel (with a hard g) and Old French angele. Both derive from Late Latin angelus "messenger", which in turn was borrowed from Late Greek ἄγγελος aggelos, commonly transliterated by non-Greek speakers in its phonetic form ángelos. According to R. S. P. Beekes, ángelos itself may be "an Oriental loan, like ἄγγαρος [ángaros, 'Persian mounted courier']." The word's earliest form is Mycenaean a-ke-ro, attested in Linear B syllabic script.


In Islam, angels (Arabic: ملاك malāk; plural: ملاًئِكة mala'ikah) are celestial beings, created from a luminious origin by God to perform certain tasks he has given them. The angels from the angelic realm are subordinates in a hierarchy headed by one of the archangels in the highest heavens. Belief in angels is one of the six Articles of Faith in Islam

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In Hebrew, Mal'Akh words meaning the janitor show the status or function of the creature.

What does The Bible and The Qur'an Say About Angels?

We will discuss about angels, as it says in the Bible and the Koran. So we can see the common thread as knowledge about angels.

Why Angels?

The Bible: they were created by God to be an Angel. They are made by and for Jesus to glorify and praise God.

The Quran: Angel created by God. They have special tasks. The Angels were created from light. The Qur'an does not explain the purpose of the creation of the angels are palpable. But based on their duties, on the whole, the Angels were created for all mankind.

When the Angel was created?

The Bible: the Angels were created before God made the world. It might even be just the angels have an active role in the process of the creation of the Earth.

The Quran: on when the time of its creation, there is no detailed explanation. But clearly, the Angel was created ahead of the first man (Adam)

Where the angels?

The Bible: God's Angels live in heaven with God.
The Quran: the Angel stayed around the sky layer. Which then from high places, going down, and spread to the entire universe to fulfil his duties. One of the places of worship of angels, as the Holy Land of Mecca, was in seventh heaven, Baitul Makmur.

How many angels?

The Bible: there are many of them!

The Quran: the number of angels very much, cannot be estimated. More than the number of humans on Earth.

If Angels Have a body?

The Bible: angels are creatures ' spirit ' and has no body. They also seem to have a higher level of creation than men (on Earth).

The Quran: angels are supernatural creatures. As a creature of supernatural, Angelic form is not a form of material or physical form in General. Only the person who desired a God who can see the existence of the original angels.

The Image Of The Angel

The Bible: Angel is often described as wind and fire.
The Quran: the angels are often depicted as winged and light.

What Angel has the common sense?

The Bible: they have a mind, intelligence (they can talk with heavenly languages as well as languages of the Earth), and they also have emotions.
The Quran: the angels have a sense. But has no lust and do not have human-like desire.

What Angels Descended and died?

The Bible: Angels don't die and not married, maybe they all created at the same time.
The Quran: the most common Opinion says that Angel would die in time, even Gabriel and the Angel of death.

The Angel is not a boy or girl, and not married.

What The Angels Have Free Will?

The Bible: Angel aware of their position as God's creatures. They are there to worship and serve God.

Angel has the free will to make their own choices. Towards the beginning of the creation, one of the highest ranking angels, Lucifer – also known as Satan or ' The Devil ' rebelled against God and therefore they are punished and expelled from heaven.

The Quran: the angels are entirely subject to the command of God. They have no free will. Lucifer is Satan in Islam. He's not one of the angels. The origin of its creation is different. The Angels were created from light, while the devil from the fire.

What Angel can be seen?

The Bible: Angel (and ' the fallen angel ') are not ' seen ' by the eye. However, in some occasions, they can appear in the form of a normal human. They can choose to reveal themselves to us, or when God allowed us to see them.

The Quran: the occult as being, existence of angels cannot be seen, heard, touched, kissed and sampled (perceived) by humans. In other words, it is not reachable by the five senses, unless the angels showed itself in the form of a specific right, like the flesh of a man. And if the Lord wanted.

What the angels have wings?

The Bible: not all angels have wings! Only certain types of angelic beings/host is described as having wings.
The Quran: All Angels have wings. And the number of its wings varies, not just two, but there are also has 3 wings, 4 wings, even in a literature, Gabriel has 600 wings.

Who is the name of the angel who Stated Clearly?

The Bible: only two angels. The angels Michael and Gabriel, Special Envoy of the Lord.
The Quran: same as the Bible. In the Holy Quran, also, there are only two names. Gabriel and Michael.

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