What Do Angels Look Like in Islam? Body, Power, Speed of The Archangel


Angels are creatures of God Almighty the most submissive and obedient to the commands of Allah SWT. There are countless numbers of angels in this world, but a mandatory moment by Muslims are ten angels. Then in Islam, What Angels look like?

This article is based on the Quran and the Hadith, in addition it is also based on the opinion of several Muslim clerics in the paper she wrote. Among them there is no undeniable truth, some are still in doubt.

What Do Angels Look Like

What Do Angels Really Look Like?

As indicated earlier, the Angels in islam have a number of very much. However, there are 10 archangel who has the highest position on the side of God and has a big task for mankind.

1. The Angel Gabriel

According to some information, Gabriel has a form of a very large and handsome. Messenger of divine revelation has 600 wings stretching from East to West. He wears a fancy dress white as pearls and covering the horizon. Gabriel is the leader of the archangels who are faithful to God Almighty.

2. The Angel Michael

Angel Michael is depicted wearing green robes of jamrud that filled the sky. Every strand of her hair contains thousands of faces that glorify God Almighty. From head to toe with hairy za'faron. If he watered the water around the Earth, it will not drip, indicating the magnitude of his size. Since Allah created hell, the Angel Michael never laughs.

3. The Angel Israfel

It was said that the Angel Israfel is the first Angel created by God Almighty. He had four wings. His body is high, so it can grab the pillars of heaven. He always celebrates in thousands of languages. In the body there are some mouth covered by a hijab. Lips of an Angel israfel have always been near the tip of the Horn to await orders his Lord.

4. The Angel of Izrail

Izrail Angel form with four faces, each of which is used to revoke the life according to the quality of charitable deeds. His body was filled with feather-filled za'faron with the face. It has 4000 wings, 70,000 feet, with a very large body shape and scary.

5-6. The Angel of Mukar and Nakir

It said both have forms with solid black eyes, long shoulder range, bringing a hammer/Mace are large, and his tongue was pulled out of the fire.

7-8. The Angels of Raqib and Atid

This Angel is described as having a very large body size and have a speed exceeding the speed of light.

9. The Angel of Malik

This Angel is one of the angels who are said to have a degree that is very scary. Had the number of hands and feet is equal to the number of experts of hell, her face is very creepy. There is a history that says if the angels Malik turned toward hell, fire will devour each other because of her fears. Angel Malik very cruel, uncompromising, and hopefully we don't include people who see him in hell.

10. The Angel of Mercy

Unlike the Malik, Angel of Ridwan having good manners and gentle to the servant of God Almighty who believe. May we meet with the Angel of Mercy in heaven.

What are the powers of angels?

If God ordered an Angel, then really, Angel is able to make the world messed up, to destroy a House as found on the House of Tsamud, which was destroyed by just one voice from the Angel Gabriel.

When they hear the voice of the Archangel Gabriel, the heart of the House of Tsamud stop functioning and their bodies became grass dry.

Here's an overview of the powerful voice of the Angel Gabriel, who can make the most of the human body is made of water suddenly dried up just because of one vote.

God has also commanded the city to lift the House of Gabriel Lot in which there are the seven cities that contain human beings, buildings, goods, and animals. Gabriel brought the city with one wing only. Then Gabriel is reversing those and God sink their off hand. Here's an example of the power of fierce Angel.

The Speed Of The Angels

Top speed that can be measured by man is the speed of light, i.e. 186,000 miles per second. However, the Angel can be much faster than the speed of light. The speed of motion of the Angels could not be measured with standard size known to man.

Someone once asked the Prophet and when about to resolve the question, the Angel Gabriel from heaven came down already by bringing an answer from God.

Once again, this article is just a collection of opinions from a number of sources that many of them are not included in the knowledge of Islam. Only God knows the things unseen.

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