What is A Fallen Angel in Islam


What is A Fallen Angel in Islam? In fact, even before birth when born, almost all humans have not been called by the moniker. Some haven't even put up his name by his parents when he was born from the womb of his mother. Some have already prepared names from far away today. But when a person born there yet that mention her or call her name "lam yakun syai'an madzkura" borrowing the term al-Quran at the beginning of Sura al-Insan.

what is a fallen angel

When the man came out of the womb of his mother, he was born in a State of Holiness. Superhero we know today, the big names are enshrined in history, or rather its dictator, rulers zhalim; previously they were a helpless baby and still does not have a sin.

So does Satan or fallen angel? We're new to this term, even after a mutiny on the orders of God to his creatures when all requested and sent to prostrate to Adam ' alaihissalâm as a form of homage to it which will be commissioned as a Caliph of God in the Earth is his. Suddenly the devil rebrand as good be bad, even sliding down the rapids become extremely low degree and expelled from heaven above she lived for many days. Therefore the devil is known as "The Fallen Angel" (fallen angels) in addition to referred to as the "satan", "demons" or "watchers". Indeed, according to most scholars, the devil is not the angels. He is another type that is later confirmed in the Quran with other types of creatures named "Genie".

Following the words of the Quran. The Word Of God:

"And (remember) when we said to the Angels:" Prostrate yourselves to Adam, they prostrated except Iblis. He was one of those jin, then it rejects the order of his Lord. Do you take him and favored as a leader other than me, but they are your enemy? Very bad the devil as a substitute (from Allah) for people of iniquity ". (QS. 18:50)

The lay of the fall of Satan's dignity is not just on the material "prostrate" unwillingness, but rather to the "rejection of the commandment, and the command of God". And it is arrogant, proud that crystallized the seed is envy, envy and discontent and unwillingness to be grateful for all the favors and gifts given. That's what led to his dignity and status changes, from the inhabitants and residents the sky is being simulcast on the ocean floor. From light beings are created of fire became beings resident darkness.

The story of the fallen angel this is also similar to the acts of the traitor. People forgot the double personality of its origin. Call it the dictatorship and despotism icons of all time, it's doubtful there will be people who had a good hiding behind, then turned despotism for the sake of momentary pleasure of drinking and would always end up with shame and perdition. A bad ending, as the end of an event of terrors; When and wherever it happens.

History records the Qarun was once was a good man, a follower of Prophet Musa Salih and poor. But then he dazzled with deception and slander the world after becoming rich and move away from its normal life. Haman, even his name is not mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel. It was ordinary people who were later popularized by the Pharaoh because of the engineering building. The Pharaoh makes the stage for her popularity in her brain genius design of high buildings to insult Moses peace be upon him and scare off followers.

History will indeed prefer to take down the hero heroic experience compared to the cowardice of the traitor or the people minded individual losers.

If the Pharaoh followed in the footsteps of Satan, who sunk into the Lake. The difference: the devil was sunk in a sense, whereas physical Pharaoh really sunk a God and then appear back on the sea to be rescued and preserved so that it can be seen by the people afterwards. Taken lessons and trips as well as the end of an arrogance and despotism.

There are other more modern story of the story of the enduring feud between Moses and Pharaoh...

That is the story of an Eastern European mainland in Transylvania, Hungary, about a Prince named Wallacia Vlad III better known as Vlad Drăculea. Drăculea, last name of the Prince in Latin and Greece comes from the word "dracul" means Dragon (dragon). In Romania, the drac language means "the devil". In the Ottoman language it is known as "Kazıklı Voyvoda" meaning "Prince Penyula". The nickname was given to him because of his penchant to punish his enemies by means of a disula method of murder by means of thrust powerboats of arm adult victims to anal to the part the back of the neck or the head and established the stakes. Malice that which then link them as "blood". This Bram Stoker in 1897 M in his novel brings out the character of the vampire blood, inspired by the figure of the cruel Prince.

In turn fathered the Prince Vlad II. But then abdicated by way of force, was ousted by his rival in the year 1442. The Prince then gets guarantees of security and asylum by the Ottomans. Vlad III and his brother Radu were educated and nurtured by the Ottoman Sultanate families fit the tradition of Turkey.

Two brothers have a different character. Radu character finally softly embraced Islam and became an important part of the Ottoman Sultanate. At the time of Sultan Mehmet II (Muhammad Al-Fatih) he was named an honorary degree with Bey. While Vlad is hard getting hated Ottoman and his younger brother. His hatred is increasingly becoming – would it be because she saw her father not too unruly to handle his enemies as well as the suspect himself converted and pawned to the Ottoman Sultanate.

Vlad III eventually grabbed his freedom. He returned to Wallachia. He even supported by the Ottomans for accession and the Kingdom of Hungary. With the struggles and tortuous escape eventually Vlad returned to Wallachia and became ruler there. The first radical thing that he did kill his opponents with a sadist. His first victim was a Wallachian noble.

He had forgotten the favor either the Ottomans, who raise and provide various facilities to him. He also rebelled against the Ottoman Sultanate indirectly instrumental in saving his life, then helps smooth the succession. The Ottoman troops several times failed to conquer Vlad Dracula. Until then sent his younger brother, Radu incorporated in the special forces of the Ottoman Yasinari of unity. Unfortunately, after some time the besieged Vlad managed to escape. Vlad pun was forced to ask for protection of the King of Hungary who the true enemy is new also, Matthias Cornivus. Arriving there he enlightened or not welcomed, but he was thrown into custody. Can't stand to be alone, he later revealed the other characters with a "mock" embraced Catholicism.

Until gradually he mixes with the nobles. Resistance and the killer instinct are still awake. Supported by the Prince of Transylvania, Stephen Bathory and Prince of Moldova, he again invaded Wallachia. At the same time, his younger brother Radu died contracted a contagious disease dangerous. Individual commandments themselves allies abandoned him. At the end of his life he became a frequently depressed and haunted by his torturing and killing innocent people. He died tragically. His head was severed, is separated from his body. Dracula's corpse without head was discovered on the shores of Lake Snagov, 40 kilometers north of Bucharest, Romania.

The Prince, Vlad Dracula had a lot of enemies. Very much hurt by the violence. This is the underlying may be a legend that he was murdered by his own soldiers. It is said that there were soldiers among the assassin from his opponents. His enemies ever sought in order to kill him in a moment off guard. Another version says that she was killed as a soldier of the Ottoman disguised as waiters. Sultan Mehmed II had formed a special unit called Janissaries whose sole purpose is to kill Dracula. At the time leading up to his death, one of the Janissaries managed to infiltrate and kill Dracula at the time were a break. He reportedly died was killed by his own soldiers dressed like Ottoman warriors because, when Dracula in disguise to enter Ottoman defenses.

However the death of Dracula, all leading to one story. His head was severed and the corpse was not the head found in a lake in northern Romania.

The story of Vlad Dracula could not be separated with the story of Sultan Mehmed II and the Crusades. The story of Vlad is a bad story of betrayal. Vlad gives life a reflection of bad people could not recognize the debt of gratitude well. Her story will be recorded continuously as the creature's blood. Even worse than that. Suck her goodness and kindness of others. Betray the trust. Tarnishing the meaning of fidelity. Destroy his career along with the desire of power and Eve unreasoning revenge.

See also prior to this story, Namrud and then Pharaoh. Pharaoh of the confessors of the Lord was to die in a State of abject manner. Namrud sang another imperious it dead with a mosquito/fly that entered his head through one of the holes of the nose.

See the end of the story of Abu Jahl who is arrogant and iniquitous. He was killed at the hands of Hamza or Umar. But he fell down was killed by one of two small children, and Muadh Ibn Mas'ud utterance like Muawwidz in his Annals.

Check out the story of Vlad III Dracula blood. He died in abject. His head was missing not detected, a dead body without its head was found floating in a lake. Lake Snagov in Romania.

Also a pompous Qarun forget its origins, sunk deep into the belly of the Earth along with the rest of his wealth which is always dibangga-banggakan. Though he had a poor and displaced.

Or not Haman, who nobody. Fascinated by the passions and the compliment as well as a magnetic power. Following her mistress sank along with hubris and pride appearance. His name will be used as a lesson to the people afterwards.

There are many stories of betrayal in every struggle. There is always a double personal utilizing momentum to profit personally. Always and will continue to exist the mental mental-hypocrite. And none of them end his life with the glory.

Maybe this is one of the mysteries of God was not showing the names House of hypocrites in the history of Islam. Unless Abdullah bin Ubai bin Salul. Not shown in his book not also found in adaptations of his Prophet Hadith history. This indicates that hypocrisy will continue until the day of resurrection. That hypocrisy is always a dangerous enemy in every struggle. And so that is not in the hearts of every Muslim thinks that hypocrisy has been already no with the death of hypocrites who definitively called God. Therefore God is not calling people per diver, but mentions many of the traits and characteristics in the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet. Besides the God opportunities goodness for their return. God is always ready to forgive those who are aware of the sin he did. God the Almighty Forgiving and the repentance of his slaves.

Indeed is this betrayal will place those hypocrites into hell, "those of the hypocrites (placed) on the lowest levels of hell. And you never get helpers for them. " (QS. 4:145)

The betrayal and hypocrisy will bring someone into the base of the base.
During his lifetime, the people of treason and hypocritical would be far lower than animals, "they were like cattle, they even more astray again." (QS. 7:179), "them was none other, is just like cattle, they even more perverse course (from cattle)" (QS 25:44.)
Whereas humans have God lift them as high as the sky, exceeding the position of his angels. But he himself who dropped her dignity. "Indeed, we created man in the best shape. Then we return him to a perfect humility "(QS 95.: 4-5)

With obedience and patience in the orbit of human obedience to drift even on top of the sky, as if accompanying the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension to "Heaven muntaha " with a prayer focus and resigned. With the submission of heart and purity, sincerity tawadhu struggle and the totality of the surrender on the essence of the most versatile.

With the terrors, arrogance, rejection of the commandment of God, and fight it someone sliding into the base of ignominy. Sank into the natural darkness. As of the fall of Satan, the sinking of the Pharaoh and Haman, and Qarun. And thus ended as Namrud, Abu goal, Abdullah bin Ubai bin Salul, also the end of the story of Dracula, Vlad III.

By remembering the story of despotism and ending that ended the culprit, mazhlum people will continue to be optimistic on expectations. Light the passion against the terrors that robs the sanctity and purity of tauhid, which robbed the totality of his devotion in the Lord Almighty.

That limit the goodness in terminology. Castrate all the potential spread of goodness and kindness are natural and massive. And because people mazhlum it has one life, but they have endless life. Even if they die in a way that these are seen by humans, "thou shall not think that people who fall in the way of God is dead; even those that live beside his God with gets sustenance. " (QS 3:169.) Though they mocked at and despised in front of his fellow man, ridiculed and demeaned her dignity. "... They laugh at people who believe" (QS. 83:29)

But people mazhlum that is right in front of the gate of victory of God open wide. While those tyrants unwittingly sliding fast toward their destruction to fear. Slowly but surely will culminate in two different points. Victory for the mazhlum and the people who fight and not give up on the terror. And the humiliation and devastation to meet people as evil, and certainly cannot be denied his return.

Life-the life of a disputed amount in Syria has been flying enters the gate of eternal victory and glory promised. Lives-lives without the guns that killed without indictment and trial and without weapons and resistance in Egypt will demand a reply, with an army that is sent by God in different form. The imprisoned Princess in Jordan, or Baq'a trapped in the shelter of the Yarmuk in Syria, is stuck in the world's largest prison in Gaza could be defended by those weak unarmed and little influence. Against the tyrant regime that has advanced military force, armed with super modern, has a tough army counted who had trained and prepared special abilities to destroy anything and anyone.

But those tyrants, it all starts the same, a little baby who could only weep helplessly. Waiting for a helping hand and cuddles her mother.

When God, disguise the names of those who were still alive and not opened the curtain on their secret, perhaps this is an opportunity to retreat and return to the path of truth. The repentance of opportunities continues to open. If not, history has already filled their story. Well, they are applicable as evil, nor his followers from among the flatterers and those who dwell, as well as approving the terrors occur on Earth God. All will meet the same end with a different shape.

It's time to extend the breadth of struggle against despotism and pass it on to as many people around us. Look at the promise of God at the end of surah Al-Syuara "and the people who will know it as evil to the place where they will be back." (QS. 26:227).

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