Who is The Angel of Death? Azrael?


Who is The Angel of DeathThe

Thought of an"angel of death" isn't seen in the Bible, but it will seem in many other ancient writings. Death's angel was called Mot. In theology death's angel is Azrael. You will remember him from"The Arabian Nights," where he's also called Iblis. In Zoroastrianism there is a demon of passing called Mairya. There are at least a dozen angels of death.

Who's Archangel Azrael?

His obligation is to assist the God (or gods) of different religions. Azrael can enable you to release anything obstructing your growth.

He is also the angel of death. His main job is to direct people. Azrael helps them feel safe and secure since they depart this life behind, taking. He assists their souls adapt to life on the opposing side. Azrael erases their names when they perish, and keeps track. It is sad as it's time for an individual to 21, that a leaf falls from the throne of God. Azrael has forty times to accumulate their spirit. He comforts the grieving loved ones, filling them and enfolding them. If you call in a time of despair upon him, he'll actually absorb the pain of loss so it is possible to be happy.

Azrael teaches humanity the difference between truth and illusion. He brings wisdom and insights. He was one of four angels Allah delivered to the ground to collect a soil so Adam could be created by him. He brought back the earth for Allah to bring Adam to life Although the others collapsed.


Azrael is frequently associated with the color purple. When you would like to work together with him you can use a little part of amethyst. Allow him to enfold you with comfort and his limbs you. When you feel blocked in your own personal life, ask for his help. An efficient approach to call him would be to light a white candle that is tiny, call his name out and request his help.

Azrael can assist you with:

  • Death and dying
  • Grief
  • Eliminating blocks
  • Hearing your spirit's guidance


Nowadays the angel of death seems in books, films, and tv shows. The angel is scary and bad, coming to snatch away people's lifestyles. But all these stories are only fiction.

We all Christians know for sure about the angels that are present in the time of death is what Jesus educators in Luke 16:22,"The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham's side." In this verse Jesus is clearly saying that when we die, angels aren't just there with us but they carry us into heaven.

You ask what happens. The Bible does not tell us. Throughout the centuries, many individuals in different religious traditions have theorized about whether the angel of death takes souls, but none of those theories are based on biblical teachings. We simply do not know the solution.

It is very important to be aware that when we die the angels that come to us are not to be confused. Based on Genesis 19, two angels of ruling destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. In accordance with Isaiah 37:36, the Assyrian army that was whole was destroyed by one angel of judgment. Confusing these two unique assignments of angels--taking souls and punishing the wicked--might have contributed as a sinister figure.

I have been seeing gold lights out for about a year of the corners of my eyes. I have seen an electric-blue light the size of a golf match. I can't, although I try to concentrate them on. The golden lights move quickly, but the light has stayed still for a couple of seconds. Do you understand what these lights are? Why am I seeing this?

--Janet W.

There's absolutely no reason to think you are currently seeing angels. I took your query to an eye doctor who advised me that the lights you see could be the consequence of an eye illness. The doctor said there are including lots of things that can cause them damage to your mind, trauma, or aging. A lot of people report seeing these protections and are helped by science. Do make an appointment, discuss the lights and to visit an eye doctor you are currently seeing.

Is what I saw an angel?

Do angels look like this? Do you know of anyone who watched an angel like this?" Here are two questions about seeing angels that Beliefnet members have inquired:

Reputation half a foot off the floor was a huge figure in a red red gown that looked like a choir gown. I couldn't see the full figure; it was so large I could not observe the shoulders along with the head. I did not see feet or hands. Can I see an angel? My faith is strong, and I want to be sure what I saw was real.


My wife is suffering from terminal breast cancer, which has transferred to her brain. A few months ago when she had been hospitalized, she kept saying that she saw angels around her. She did not state that their faces were so bright that the features couldn't be seen--merely they did not have faces. Is it common to find angels without any faces?

--Garry M.

Yes, Donna, other people dressed in red, and have seen angels that were huge, as huge as you described. And Garry, although it's not a frequent occurrence, others have reported that they saw angels without faces. Though the Bible contains descriptions of angels, the overwhelming evidence is that angels appear in different sizes, shapes, forms, and colours. Marilynn, my wife, and I have personally talked to and received written reports. We are impressed with the variety of ways that angels appear seen but more frequently unseen. You can read many of these reports in our book"A Rustle of Angels."

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